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Chakra workshop

I welcome a day where we focus on Chakra - what is Chakra, how do they affect us, etc

There will be theory and practice.
With increased knowledge and awareness of the body's energy center, you will have the opportunity to find out what you can do to achieve a better balance and harmony in your body and in your everyday life.

In understanding what a chakra is, we start from the understanding of how health is linked to energy and its essential importance. Without a constant flow of energy, nothing would be able to live. There is energy in every cell of the body. Just as we have a physical body, we also have an energy body.


​In the yogic tradition, all ill health stems from an energy imbalance that has persisted over time. The body's energy system is subtle, but affects us both mentally and physically. As with any other illness, the yogic perspective will consider different mental challenges as a symptom of an imbalance in the energy system. The chakra system affects how we feel on all levels, and with yoga we stimulate the energy flows so that it comes into balance and can thus increase our well-being.

​Who can participate?

​No prior knowledge is needed to participate on this day.
We were served fruit, nuts and tea. Bring your own lunch.


Put on comfortable clothes.

Limited number of seats!

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