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​MediYoga is a therapeutic form of yoga, which was initially developed for the healthcare system. MediYoga is today used by various institutions, companies, associations and by others who want a holistic form of yoga. You don't have to be sick to do MediYoga, and you will enjoy it just as much no matter where you are in life or what your health condition is. I have chosen to arrange my classes so that it is a performance-free arena where everyone can participate. You can do the exercises on a chair if you wish.

There is a focus on breathing, calm exercises, relaxation and meditation.


The admission requirement for instructor training is that you have basic medical competence.

Mediterende lege på gress
Who is MediYoga suitable for?

​This form of yoga has been specially developed for medical purposes, and is adapted to most physical and psychological limitations. The exercises are soft and calm and are combined with breathing techniques and meditation. If you are completely healthy, MediYoga can help you to greater awareness, stability, calmness and harmony. MediYoga's calm and meditative form conceals deep and extensive influences on body and mind.

Yoga as medicine

Today, MediYoga is used as rehabilitation at 25 Norwegian health institutions, including:

◦ Radium hospital (cancer rehabilitation)
◦ Resource Center East
◦ The Cato Center
◦ Feiringklinikken (cardiac rehabilitation),
◦ Stavanger municipality – department for mental health
◦ Asker and Bærum hospitals.

Medical Yoga is also suitable for beginners.


​MediYoga has achieved great progress because it links the ancient tools and exercises of yoga with modern medicine. In order to be able to carry out training within the healthcare system, there must be evidence, documentation that it really works. Studies have been conducted at MediYoga since 1997, and 3-4 studies are conducted a year. While school medicine is a pro at emergency medicine, MediYoga is a holistic philosophical system that supports our own healing ability. Most MediYoga instructors work within the healthcare system and use yoga as a complementary tool in their everyday work.



An example is high blood pressure. Medicines can then have an acute effect and lower the pressure, while MediYoga can be used afterwards to do something about the real cause of the high blood pressure. In this way, you can help prevent and strengthen your own health.

​MediYoga and heart problems

MediYoga has a large number of studies that show that this form of yoga is very good for painful problems affecting the heart. A new Swedish study at the cardiac intensive care unit at Danderyds sjukhus in Stockholm clearly showed that Mediyoga - Medical Yoga reduces the risk of heart attacks.

The results were so clear that from January 2010 the hospital uses MediYoga in its regular rehabilitation of its heart attack patients.

Mediterende lege i naturen

​Customer experiences

  • ​More mobility in muscles and joints

  • Less pain

  • Better sleep

  • Better breathing

  • More energy

  • Less stress

  • Better focus

  • Less reactive - more stable in demanding situations

  • Deeper self-understanding

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