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​Breathe in - Breathe out

What is MediYoga?

​MediYoga is a therapeutic form of yoga that was specially developed for healthcare and rehabilitation. MediYoga can be suitable for everyone, including those with physical or mental limitations. There is a powerful tool in relation to rehabilitation, stress, treatment and prevention. There are simple physical exercises in a nice combination with breathing and relaxation. All exercises can be performed on a chair if desired.

What is EMYoga?

​We are a network of energy - everything is energy and that is what forms the basis of Energy Medicine yoga. All imbalances start in our energy system before it manifests physically or mentally. When we work based on energy medicine principles, you can optimize the body's natural ability to stay healthy and well. You can give your body renewed resilience, energy and vitality.

"Where your attention goes, your energy flows"


​Take care - you are important

MediYoga in water

​MediYoga in water can be a fantastic alternative for those who find it difficult to do yoga on a mat or chair.

MediYoga course

Mediyoga is a therapeutic and gentle form of yoga that can suit everyone. Regardless of physical and mental limitations.

Energy Medicine 

​When we work based on energy medicine principles, you can optimize the body's natural ability to stay healthy and well.


​A sound journey with deep vibrations that can dissolve physical, emotional and mental tensions.


​Would you like to take part in an in-depth course, workshop or a fantastic retreat? Themes can be stress, sleep, women's health, chakras etc.


​Therapy and guidance to support you on your way to more balance... on all levels. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

​I am a qualified yoga teacher and therapist at MediYoga International. I am an EMYoga teacher (Energy Medicine Yoga), Vinyasa yoga teacher, Children and youth yoga teacher.


I am also part of the international MediYoga team where I develop in-depth courses for, among other things, other yoga teachers.

About me

My name is Marianne Feydt and I run Medisinsk Yoga Drammen. Here I hold groups in MediYoga, EMYoga (Energy Medicine Yoga), have Yoga therapy, Gong bath, conversation therapy, TFT therapy, TRE treatments etc.

I hold various courses and workshops, Gongbaths and conduct course development.

Contact me

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