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​Gongs and other instruments have been used for thousands of years to solve both physical and psychological challenges. If you have trauma or other mental challenges, it will most often settle in the body. This will be a unique opportunity to set aside time for yourself, take care of your body both physically, mentally and emotionally.



How does a gong bath work?

I welcome you to a quiet evening with Gong bath, yoga and meditation. Treat yourself to this time of calm and presence. This will be a quiet evening and no prior knowledge of yoga or meditation is necessary. It will be a sound journey with deep vibrations that can dissolve physical, emotional and mental tensions. The sound's vibration can thus have a healing effect on body, mind and soul. Gongs, singing bowls and other instruments will be used. The vibrations from these can take you into a deep and healing relaxation.

Exercise in hot water (hydrotherapy)

​We begin the evening with breathing exercises/pranayama to balance the energy flows in the body and calm the mind. We are then led into calm and soft yoga exercises to land in the body and release tension. Finally, we lie down on the carpet with a blanket and are led into a deep, long gong meditation where we let the vibrations from the gong flow through us. The gong is a wonderfully exciting instrument that affects both the participant and the player. Letting yourself flow with the vibrations of the gong, allowing the notes to penetrate you, and allowing you to sink into a deep meditative state. A state where the body's own healing properties come into effect is absolutely fantastic. Yoga and meditation can help calm emotional fluctuations. You can borrow your own mat, pillow and possibly a blanket. Put on comfortable clothes.

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