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Heart workshop

I welcome you to a day focused on yourself and your heart

This day we will turn our focus to the heart centre. We find it easy to give to others, but easily forget ourselves. It is important that you take care of yourself. Many of us carry many emotions that it would be good to release.


We live in a hectic everyday life where there is always something to do... We rarely take time to just be... Sometimes it is difficult to set aside time for yourself. But that's when we need it the most.

If there is a lot of stress and pressure in your life, it is because it is in yourself that you find the solution to how you can change the situation. There are periods in life where the framework, demands and pressure from the outside are difficult to change.


When you activate the energy and power of your heart, as we say in yoga, you turn to that side of yourself that allows you to love yourself unconditionally. And when you do, the choices you make throughout your day are guided and motivated by love. Love for yourself, for life, for those around you. Then if you learn to make choices that are good for yourself, it will in turn affect those around you.
This day is open to everyone. Will want to have a focus on breathing, physical exercises and meditations with a focus on the heart. Most of the exercises can be done on a chair.


Wear comfortable clothes, mats, pillows and blankets are available for loan.

Warm welcome!

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