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​New day, new opportunities

New course at Medisinsk Yoga Drammen.
There are perhaps more people with me who have experienced that it can be a challenge when you set yourself a goal, want a change, but don't quite know how to do it. It can then be difficult to implement.

​Why is it so difficult?

​Sometimes there may be things we are not aware of, a need for more knowledge/information, the feeling of being/doing it alone. There is no doubt that there is something in the saying "together we are strong".

In this course, we will meet once a week, for 6 weeks. We will visit the topics: Stress, breathing, sleep, diet and energy. There will be both theory and practice. Between the meetings, you will have access to some programs that you can do at home (this is optional). I want to share some "techniques" that make it easier to reach the goals you set.

Manifest what we want.

There will be a limited number of places.

This is because there must be time and opportunity for questions and to have dialogue around the various topics.

For registration or questions contact me via the contact form below!


Hope to see you

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