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Join us on a journey with a focus on yourself, more energy and good experiences!

We do Yoga daily in beautiful surroundings. MediYoga is a calm and simple form of yoga that can suit everyone. Breathing, calm movements, attention training, meditation and deep rest are interwoven into holistic, effective yoga programs. Experience the power you get from calm, delicious days of movement, silence, good nutritious food, less stress, self-care and techniques that promote, among other things, good sleep.

​Take a break from everyday routines, to turn the focus inward on yourself and find your rhythm and your flow. Going on a retreat is something more than a holiday - a retreat is arranged so that you can have more time for yourself, get to practice yoga, meditation, rest, silence, good food and a supportive community. In the love and care you show yourself, you will be able to recharge your batteries, fill up with good experiences and learn simple, good techniques that you take home with you for everyday life and your life's path.

Spansk villa med basseng.


This yoga journey is open to those who have never done yoga before and those who have experience with yoga. We want to give you the experience of how MediYoga/Energy Medicine Yoga affects you on a deep level when you have the opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and breathing techniques several times a day. We want you to experience this in the most beautiful surroundings, surrounded by others who want the same as you - to explore yoga and give yourself a week of magical days. Here you can enjoy vegetarian food, prepared with deep knowledge and love, relax by the saltwater pool and enjoy quiet days in beautiful surroundings.


During the week, you get to practice living a little more slowly, being attentively present in your own body, being in silence, giving your body time to find balance, getting to know your energy and awakening your flow and power. You will experience the power found in living a little more calmly, the value of sensing and, not least, you will experience how easy it can be to charge the batteries!

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